Dedication, A Tricky Thing

Dedication is a very tricky thing. You may feel dedicated, and in your mind you’re chanting that you’re dedicated, but you may not have actively committed your lifestyle to the goals you are trying to achieve. Which is to say, you’re thinking it but you aren’t doing it. You wake up in the morning and step on the scale, and as you jump back in sheer terror you’re internally screaming “Yes. Oh my God, yes, I am going to the gym today!”
But you don’t always go to the gym “today”, do you? Not everyone does. Whether things pop up to keep you from it, or excuses materialize out of thin air, your car just doesn’t seem to park itself in front of your yoga mat. You beat yourself up before bed, you call yourself out on your excuses, but you still seem able to justify not going, don’t you?
It isn’t just you. Everyone does it, or has done it, or will do it. Everyone has a day, a week, a month, or even a year (“Friends” theme song intended) where fitness and health fall to the wayside. It is important to remember, though, that this can be temporary. No one can guarantee that it will be fleeting. You are the only person who can do this for yourself. But just as you are fully capable of falling off the wagon, you are the person responsible for climbing back on that wagon, or yoga mat, or treadmill.
Rededicate yourself. Wake up every morning with the intention of living a better, healthier day than the day before. Call yourself out on your excuses or your indulgences, but don’t destroy yourself over pizza. Immediately rededicate yourself. Health isn’t always running three miles a day and only eating kale. Sometimes health is saying “I didn’t stick to my diet today, but tomorrow I will. I will remind myself in the morning that my goals are achievable, and I will recommit to my health now, and in the morning, and throughout the day.”
Your Fusion instructors are here for you whenever you need a pep talk, a push in the right direction, or advice in making healthy decisions. We can’t do it for you, though. You have to make the choice. You have to decide to be dedicated to yourself.

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