From Summer to Fall: Continuing Growth

As summer winds down, now it the perfect opportunity to breathe deeply and appreciate the changes we’ve encountered through the season. Now is the time to truly take a step back and admire what you’ve accomplished. It may not all be physical. It may not be very big things. Perhaps your changes were as small as taking an extra 15 minutes to enjoy your coffee in the morning, or reading a new book from cover to cover. Maybe your changes were seemingly bigger, like mine, and you had the opportunity to travel somewhere new this year. Whatever the case may be, from losing five pounds to traveling 5,000 miles, appreciate that your journey has continued forward.

This is what I want us all to remember as we face the fall. Days may become shorter and colder, but that is no reason for us to hibernate (as much as we may want to). Bikini season is soon over, but there will be another one, and then another one after that. Make your changes stick as the fall comes closer. Continue your growth. Wrap yourself in your cocoon at home all you want, but remember that with a cocoon, change is still continuing. Push through these last few weeks of summer. Keep your healthy habits going, keep growing, keep changing; that’s what I love the most about Fusion. We’re never stagnant. We don’t rest on our accomplishments from the summer through the fall, only to start back over at square one. We all push through.

Don’t let the lure of football weekends and thick sweaters discourage your progress. Push through with us. Take every opportunity you can to appreciate what you’re creating for yourself, but don’t stop there. Grow and change with us.

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