Fusion Hosts YogaFit Certifications in Oklahoma

Fusion Fitness and Yoga is happy to host both Level 2 and Level 3 YogaFit certifications in the coming months. As of now, we are the only place to get your certification in the state of Oklahoma.

Level 2 will be held on January 14th & 15th. After building a firm foundation in Level 1 teacher training, YogaFit’s Level 2 training concentrates on communicating the essence of YogaFit to ourselves and our classes. Trainees spend time developing the most effective ways to address all types of learners using transformational language and positive affirmations as they build a practice of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Trainees will discover the power of positive communication, both internally and externally, and use YogaFit teaching tools to empower their students.

Register before December 14th to receive the early bird special!

Follow this link to register now: https://webportal.orderwave.com/yogafit/default?a=viewTrainingDetail&i=1311

Level 3 will be held on May 12th & 13th. YogaFit’s Level 3 takes trainees on an introspective journey of self-awareness. Trainees will spend time discussing metaphysical and philosophical aspects of yoga and the effects that yoga has on the mind-body connection. Through study of the Four Paths of Yoga and chakras, trainees take a deeper look at the transformational power of their own yoga practice. Then, using YogaFit teaching tools, trainees will learn how to integrate these concepts into their classes, creating a richer experience for their students.

Register for your Level 3 certification here: https://webportal.orderwave.com/yogafit/default?a=viewTrainingDetail&i=1310.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so excited about this! I can’t wait to be better at my job and learn more about myself.



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