Goals: We’ve All Got ‘Em

I’m a list maker. My boyfriend thinks it’s funny and likes to say that I make lists about the lists that I’ve already made. Maybe it runs in the family. My little sister used to make lists for getting ready in the morning. It would read something like 1)take shower 2)brush teeth 3)get dreesed. We still tease her about it. She and I have both progressed to more functional list making in our older age. I now make to do lists each week. At the end of the week, any remaining items are transferred to the next week’s list, awaiting completion. I guess my fondness for marking off the last item on a long list is what makes me love the process of writing down my goals.

That is actually the point of this blog. Goal setting. The future can seem a bit overwhelming when we look at the things we hope to accomplish within the coming weeks, months, or years. I remember the first time I decided to run a marathon. It seemed possible, but I wasn’t sure how exactly I would be able to go from a measly 3 mile run to over 26 miles. It seemed like the tallest mountain in the world. Naturally, I needed a list. From there, my list making evolved. I counted the weeks I had left until the race. I researched running plans, nutrition, and hydration. I made a goal calendar. It worked like a dream. Everyday I was able to put a little star next to my mileage for the day. Oh the joy! It felt great. I felt great. I followed the plan to the best of my ability and made adjustments when neccesary. It ended with me finishing my first ever marathon.

I can’t tell you how many races my goal calendars have gotten me through. Which brings me to my latest goal: blogging more often. Which means that I have made a blog topic calendar for the month of September. So, you guys will get the chance to hear my fitness tips, opinions on this and that, encouraging words, and other ramblings of a nuerotic, fitness loving, yogi.



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