New 4 Week Boot Camp Starting Monday Oct 31st

Hello all! It’s the perfect time to sign up for Fusion Boot Camp. We are starting a new 4 week session next Monday. Not only is it a great time to be thinking about getting a jump on those holiday pounds, it is fun! We have become quite the family here at Fusion. And we figure if we are peeling ourselves out of bed at 5:00 am then we might as well have a good laugh during our workouts. Don’t worry, though, if 5:30 am is not for you we have 7:00 pm sessions on Mon, Wed, Fri as well. You can also catch a 9:00 am session on Sat.

In case you’re wondering what Fusion Boot Camp is all about; I will tell you. What we do is a little bit of everything. We squat, jump, lunge, push, pull, and hop – all using our own body weight, bands, or light weights. I’ve been know to throw in yoga, silly games or require some tire flipping. We’ve even done some NFL combine testing. Unfortunately, none of us made this year’s draft picks. The greatest part, aside from all of the great friendships made, almost everything we do in boot camp you can do at home without me. That is my mission. I want to give you the tools to make it on your own. I want you to be able to roll out of bed and have the knowledge to get a great workout without leaving your house.

I hope that you’ll come check us out at the new studio.

323 East Main St. Norman, OK 73069

Located just west of Porter on Main

Work Hard – Play Hard

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