New Class Schedule for November

Yoga and Boot Camp Schedule Fusion Fitness and Yoga

Hi all! I updated the class schedule for the month of November to include an early morning yoga class (for those of you that like to get your mind right first thing), a lunchtime express yoga class (for those of you that are busy bees and can only take a moment to relax), and additional evening yoga classes (for those of you that are professionals by day and yoginis by night). I hope everyone can find the class they are looking for.

Remember small changes both on and off the mat can make all the difference.


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  1. Judith Blake

    Hi Lindsey,

    It’s Judith from the yoga Y class. I saw your groupon today and saw your note that $49 could buy 20 drop ins.
    As you know w/ my Y membership, I can’t quite justify spending a lot of extra money on classes but this sounded very appealing and doable for me. It wasn’t clear if this was offered on groupon. Could I get this deal from you too?
    If so, I would like to do it. I didn’t see your schedule but if you have classes at 5 or after I could make some of them.

    Let me know. i hope your business is growing. I’ve just looked in the window once when I was downtown just before you opened.

    All the best,

    • David

      I know pploee are powerfully motivated to do what celebrities do, but I always feel like with their on-call personal trainers, chefs, etc, not to mention lipo, all that airbrushing and special lighting and photoshopping–their bodies aren’t all that relevant to real life.Plus many of them seem too scrawny to emulate.I think I’m better off getting my butt to the gym to do a Regular Person work out than worrying about what the celebrities are doing!

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