Chandra Mcdaniel

Age: 25
Starting weight:180
Current weight: 152
Goal weight:145
[quote]After 2 kids and years of saying Im going to lose that 20 pounds, I’ve done it! With the help of my husband, my biggest supporter, my family and close friends. I started counting calories and walked in the evenings, after losing 17 pounds I joined Fusion Fitness and Yoga and with the help of Lindsey and Jake I feel amazing!! Now just 10 pounds away from my goal weight I’m running and have tons of energy! In just 4 weeks with Fusion fitness and Yoga I’ve lost 8 pounds and 10.75 inches! The best advise I could give anyone is just stick with it, believe in yourself and know that hard work does pay off![/quote]


Month 2 of Fusion Boot Camp:
12 LBS Lost
16 Inches Lost
First 5k Completed!

Month 8 of Fusion Boot Camp:
Maintaining Weight Loss
Several 5k’s Completed
Training for First Half Marathon!

Joshua Sauer

Age: 28
Starting Weight: 330
Current Weight: 238

I started Fusion Fitness 9 months ago and was vomiting after running less than a mile. Almost 100 pounds later, I’m running (with ease) an average of 35-40 miles a week and am training for a full (26.2 mile) marathon. I feel better, I have more energy, I can shop in regular clothing sections, and I’m no longer depressed. Fusion Fitness + Fusion eating plan + will power = a new me.

May 2013 Update:

Josh Completed the Oklahoma City Memorial Full Marathon!

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